What to do with Retin-a on skin and sun exposure?

I forgot I had RetinA on my face and went outside with sunscreen. I have mild discomfort and redness like a sunburn mostly on my cheeks.

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Gentle retinoic products are recommended with sunscreen

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Thank you for your question.

You hve to be cautious with sun exposure with retinoic products and use high SPF sunscreen.

I recommend a gentle retinoic product called RR Retinoid Repair cream from Kare Skin.

Dr. karamanoukian

Retin-A and sunexposure

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Retin-A can have patients more sensitive to sun and sun exposure.  When patients note irritation from Retin-A they should consider the following details:

  • Wait- Patients should wait for a few days prior to putting Retin-A 
  • Hydrate- Hydration can help with the redness and irritation. Consider the use of newer type moisturizers with hyaluronic acid based hydration types 
  • Sunscreen- Apply sunscreen to protect the face
  • Growth factors- Growth factors can help improve the irritation from Retin-A

Anil R. Shah, MD
Chicago Facial Plastic Surgeon
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