3 weeks after scar revision and lipo of abs flanks and back: Is it normal for to have that indent and still have pain? (photos)

Hello I had a ba, scar revision and lipo of abs, flanks, and back theee weeks ago today. Does this look like a good result so far? I am still having pain and discomfort in my lower back and yesterday had a horrible shooting pain in one section of it. It was like shocks of pain.

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Lipo of abdomen and flanks?

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Cannot be very helpful here because I cannot see what the starting point if for you.  In plastic surgery, the starting point largely determines how your outcome will be.  Having said that, based on the photos that you have shown, you would have been better off with a tummy tuck.  Hope this helps.  Good luck.

Voorhees Plastic Surgeon
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How to compare?

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Without seeing preop photos, it is really hard to compare. I will say that you are still early post-op and need more time to heal and for the swelling to subside.

Steven Wallach, MD
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