Marks That Look Like Persistent Bruising After Bleph, Browlift and Mini-face Lift?

I had upper and lower eyelid, browlift and mini face lift approximately 6 months ago. I've noticed I have what looks like shadow/bruise rings below my eyes, along my cheek bones. I try to be persistent about sunscreen. What can I do to improve/remove these? Do you think IPL might help?

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Hemosiderin Deposition at 6 Months after Facelift

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        If you do have residual hemosiderin deposition, the best treatment is time.  I would wait 18 months at least before considering laser therapy (variation on Q-switched alexandrite or Nd-YAG not IPL).  Laser therapy is not without risks and is undewhelming in correcting the problem.

Prolonged bruising after surgery?

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A photo is needed to better evaluate your problem.  The under eye problem may be shadow effect from relative hollowness.  The cheek problem may be similar to related to festoons.  See a facial plastic or oculoplastic specialist for evaluation.

Dark Shadows After Facelift #facelift

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Good day Omaha. I did my training at UNMC for Plastic Surgery so nice to meet you. I have no idea who did your surgery but you can have some discoloration left over from bruising that can be treated with laser. You may also simply have skin aging discoloration that laser might help with as well. The Plastic Surgeons that trained me in your town are at UNMC and also have an office at Village Pointe called Village Pointe Aesthetic Surgery. Dr. Hollins, Dr. Miller and Dr. Johnson are all extremely competent surgeons and if one of them was your surgeon then just talk to them. They will guide you. If they were not your surgeon go see one them or your original surgeon to get an opinion on how to proceed.

Persistent darkness after facelift

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Thanks for your question -


In our San Francisco area practice we perform facelifts quite frequently.  Some bruising is a normal part of healing.  Usually this bruising resolves in the first few weeks after surgery.

In your case some of this darkness may be related to residual hemosiderin left in the soft tissue.  IPL typically doesn't reach deeply enough to be effective.  ND-Yag based laser treatments can be more effective.  In the first few months Arnica has strong anecdotal support for resolving bruising quickly and may help as well.  Time - sometimes as long as a year - should also continue to improve your concern.


I hope this helps.

Dark shadows after surgery

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Some of the darkness is from the left over pigment from the bruises called Hemosiderin, some can be true hyperpigmentation. Either can be treated very well with IPL.


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