Is it normal for the breast crease to look this different? Worried R breast may be bottoming out? Pain and lower crease. (Photo)

1 week post op implant exchange w/ smaller implants and benelli lift/scar revision. L breast has a nice crease, R breast doesn't really have much of a crease. R breast was smaller to begin with and required a larger implant, approx 25ccs more. The crease was lowered in my original surgery and has always caused me pain in the crease area. Does the R appear to be bottoming out or not normal appearance? Should it have more of a crease like the L? Thanks.

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Although there is an apparent difference in the creases, this does not mean you are bottoming out, a problem that really describes the relationship between the implant and the overlying breast tissue/nipple. It is a also not an absolute phenomenon that can be objectively measured, but is more subjective in determination. Unfortunately, only a thorough examination would allow us to make a decision like that.

Based on your photos though, I don't get the feeling you are bottoming out, but instead have a difference in the amount of skin/soft tissue between your right and left breast, with your left having more. This is less of an implant issue, and more of an issue with the type of lift employed. It appears that your right breast had a better result (the side you're worried about), and the left is still somewhat saggy. 

Best of luck!

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Different creases

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 From your photograph, rather than a difference in the crease, what I see is that there is more tissue both skin and gland from the bottom of your areola to the crease on the left compared to the right. This early in the postoperative phase, and not seeing what you look like preoperatively, I would go with your plastic surgeons recommendations and wait several months to see if that right breasts stretches that distance. Discuss this with your plastic surgeon at your next postoperative visit. Good luck. 

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