What jaw/chin procedure would work best for my imbalanced face? (Photos)

My face didnt always use to be as crooked as it is now, three years ago my fave was as symmetical as humanly possible. But my TMJ got worse I ended up have to get a mouth gaurd specially made to control some of my tmj pains. The issue is now is that my bite has never been spot on, but now it is causing me issues with chewing. Ive looked into many things and the one that i have been leaning twards is a sliding genioplasty to fix how my teeth come in contact with eachother and to aline my face/jaw

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Sliding Genioplasty

While a sliding genioplasty will provide aesthetic improvement of your chin, it will not change how your teeth come togetehr. That is a different operation known as a lower jaw advancement and requires pre surgical orthodontic preparation.

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