Marilyn Monroe Mole

I have a mole located above my lip; commonly called a Marilyn Monroe mole. What type of mole is this? It is very dark in pigmentation. I have been to the dermatologist & they have assured me it is non-cancerous. However it affects my self-esteem. What am I looking at cost wise for the removal? Also, would creams like DermaTend work on it?

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Mole removal of a lip mole using creams and costs

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This would cost you somewhere between 500-2000. I wouldn't go to the cheapest price doctor for good results. They will likely make up for it by going fast in my opinion. The size of it would lean me to consider excision. But the scar can be very good and there are ways to camouflage it if you need to later through further techniques.

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Dark moles on the upper lip are usually excised very nicely.

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Excision is probably your only option and would be easy to do and look very nice. The initial office visit is $85 and the excision with a dermabrasion is roughly $350 and all done under local anesthesia at the same time as the initial visit. Sincerely,

David Hansen,MD

David Hansen, MD
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