With what type of lens do you look at a surgeons website for a TT and BA?

All of the surgeons on realself say to look at before and after pics to make sure the surgeon has good pics. What exactly should a potential patient be looking for in TT and BA photos?

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Evaluating Surgeons on Real Self

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Pictures are helpful to give an idea of the quality of the work. They will not tell you exactly what result you will get as every individual is different. Take pictures also with a grain of salt. Some physicians will post only their best pictures while others will post a representative group to give you an idea of realistic expectations. There is really no way to know which type of pictures your looking at.
Probably more important is training, credentials and experience. Someone who took a weekend course but has few good pictures will certainly not be able to provide consistently good results compared to a plastic surgeon who is certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery. Members of ASAPS (American Society for Aesthetic Surgery) will ALL be board certified in plastic surgery and have demonstrated an interest in cosmetic surgery. Ask around for who has a good reputation among your friends and acquaintances. Word of mouth referrals are valuable.
Finally, schedule consultations with more than one surgeon. Get a feel from each consultation how your ideas and theirs fit and how comfortable you are with their practice. Ultimately, you have to have confidence in your surgeon and believe that at every step of the surgical process and recovery that your surgeon always has your best interest at heart and is willing to discuss any aspect of your care in detail with you.
Best Wishes!

Nashville Plastic Surgeon

How to Seek a Surgeon for a Mommy Makeover

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The Mommy Makeover is a combination of procedures to restore a woman’s body to look as is it did prior to pregnancy. Most commonly some variation of a #TummyTuck and #BreastSurgery are performed. Additional procedures can include liposuction, umbilical hernia repair.  The most common #breastprocedures include #mastopexy or #breastlift, #breastaugmentation, or #breastreduction.

Your procedures should always be performed by a #PlasticSurgeon who is board-certified and has a great deal of experience specializing in cosmetic #surgery. You will then greatly improve your chances of getting the result you desire, and, without the need for a revision surgery. It is suggested that you look at before and after photos of the surgeons actual patients, and read patient reviews. Gathering all of this information will help you make a well-informed decision.

Jed H. Horowitz, MD, FACS
Orange County Plastic Surgeon
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Tummy tuck and breast augmentation - how to judge?

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Thank you for asking about your tummy tuck and breast augmentation.
  • A very good question -
  • I have seen patients show me 'wish photos' with poor results which they can't assess until I point out the problems.
  • So don't worry - you aren't the plastic surgeon.
  • Look at the photos and see if you as a normal person like the results you see.
  • Then judge the plastic surgeon by qualifications, experience and how you are treated during the consultation.
  • You want a surgeon who cares about you and your result - the photos are just a clearing mechanism to start the process of finding the right surgeon.
  • Nothing substitutes for the impression made by the surgeon, her/his staff and how they treat you.
Always see a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon. Best wishes  - Elizabeth Morgan MD PHD FACS

Choosing the best plastic surgeon for your tummy tuck and breast augmentation

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  • Choosing the best plastic surgeon involves several factors.
  • The most important is whether they will be able to provide you with the result that you are looking for. Photos can help with that decision. Referrals from your doctor or other friends are important. Reviews on line can help.  Look at a few different review sites.  Some surgeons focus heavily on having patients do a lot of reviews on a single site and reward them with gifts.  By looking at different review sites you will get a better evaluation of them. Don't let one or two disgruntled patient comments sway you if all the others look good. Sites such as Realself, RateMD, etc are good.
  • Meet your surgeon and see if you like them.  They may be a great surgeon but if you don't like them as a person, trust your gut and move on. Try to get a sense of whether your surgeon will be supportive along your whole journey. I really want the very best result for all my patients and take it very personally. If you don't think that your surgeon is putting you as their top priority...run!  If you think that they are going to take your money and do your surgery but not support you after...run! This is surgery and sometimes results may not be perfect or a complication can arise despite everything going seemingly smoothly.  It is at this time that having a supportive surgeon is so important to get you healthy and to touch up the surgery to give you the best possible plastic surgery result.
  • Make sure that they have time for you.  Get all your questions answered. Take some time to think about things then go back and see them again.  Even when patients are really excited and want to book surgery I offer to have them come again. I want my patients to make a great choice for them.  I don't want the enthusiasm from the consult to influence their choice. Sometimes I will see patients two, three, even four times before we go to surgery, just to make sure that they are comfortable. If you feel pressured to sign on the dotted line, to put down money or that you can't come back and talk to them again...run! 
  • Specific to breast augmentation make sure they take the time to help you come up with the perfect size and implant choice.  See if they use sizers during surgery.  Many surgeons can do a breast augmentation really fast, but that does not leave time to place sizers and allow them to choose the best breast implant to give your the perfect result.  The sizers (and other tricks I use) help me to provide the best possible result to match my patient's goals.
  • For the tummy tuck the most important thing is a low scar and a natural belly button.  Unfortunately, many skilled plastic surgeons never learned how to make a belly button look natural.  Ask to see their results.  If it looks funny to you, it will to everyone else on the beach when you wear a bikini.  A great belly button is the key to a great tummy tuck result.
  • To summarize trust your instincts and pick a person you like and trust who has the skills to give you the result you want.

Rodger Shortt, FRCSC
Toronto Plastic Surgeon
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What type of lens do you look at for a TT and BA

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Thank you for your question.  Evaluating photographs gives you a sense of likely outcomes from a physician and whether the type of work they perform is similar to your desired goals, while also allowing for the assessment of small nuances between surgical technique.  Many factors go into selection of a surgeon and photographs should be a bit lower on the scale of importance, as one does not know what type of outcome the patient shown wanted, or if they are even happy.  

Nelson Castillo, MD
Atlanta Plastic Surgeon
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Evaluating before/after photographs when selecting plastic surgeon…

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Thank you for the insightful question. As you know, careful selection of plastic surgeon will be the most important decision patients make when they decide to  undergo surgery to achieve a specific outcome. Besides appropriate training and experience (and certification by the American Board of plastic surgery), looking at before/after photographs (and  preferably talking to previous patients) can be very helpful in this selection process.

 Basically, patients should look at the overall "quality" of the outcomes achieved;  in other words, it will be important that patients see lots of examples of outcomes that they would be pleased with.  In doing so patients will be able to get an idea of each  plastic surgeon's "aesthetic sensibilities". Of course, careful evaluation of the photographs (including factors such as time out of surgery and initial anatomic starting point) will be important as patients evaluate before/after photographs.

 Well experienced plastic surgeon should be able to demonstrate lots of examples of before/after photographs;  if the prospective patient does not like anything he/she sees (when it comes to the quality of the postoperative outcomes), then the plastic surgeon is likely not a "good fit".     In other words, appropriate quantity/quality of before/after photographs may be one of the factors that gives patients confidence that the plastic surgeon they are considering can achieve an outcome that they will be pleased with.

 Thank you again for the good question. Best wishes.

Find the right surgeon

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Far more important than the technique is the skill and experience of your plastic surgeon. Choose your surgeon rather than the technique and let them explain why one technique may be better than another. 
See the below link on some suggestions on finding the most qualified Plastic Surgeon for a consult.

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