Which plastic surgeon in Atlanta, GA will perform the Juvederm or filler plus Botox for 11s between the eyes?

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Fillers and Botox

Most plastic surgeons offer these treatments in the office.  Simply do an internet search for board certified plastic surgeons in your area and you should easily find providers.  You can review their websites for further details.

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Botox and Juvederm

Hello akossnasr and thank you for your question.

Most plastic surgeon and facial plastic surgeon's offices will offer Botox injections and fillers such as Juvederm, but they may be done by a practioner other than the doctor.    In my practice, I perform all injectables including Botox myself.  Botox is designed to address dynamic lines like the 11's and can be supplemented with filler if a line is deeply etched in the skin and visible at rest.

When you call a practice's office, just ask if the doctor does the injections themselves.  I would be delighted to see you in my office at Atlanta Face & Body Center.  I hope that helps and answers your question.

All my best.

Dr. Elizabeth

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Which plastic surgeon in Atlanta will perform JVD filler and Botox for the 11's between the eyes?

Thank you for sharing your excellent question.  For patient's with dynamic wrinkles - those that develop when the muscles of the face move - Botox is an excellent treatment.  For patients with dynamic and static wrinkles - those present even when the muscles of the face are not moving - then Botox and filler is the best combination.  In my practice I perform all of the injections, including this combination.  You would need to contact other surgeons' office to see who performs these for them.  Hope this helps.

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