When will my implants drop??? (photos)

Hi I am 25 and 6 days post op breast augmentation I got 325cc in right and 350cc in left saline mod plus under muscle and I am getting frustrated because my implants haven't dropped yet..They are still very high and they poke out at the top. Is there anything I can do? My surgeon says we will start massaging at week 3 but I'm very anxious. Help!

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Too early still

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At this time your breasts have not settled. Please wait about 3-4 months for your breasts to settle. By this time most of the swelling will have disappeared and your breasts will take on a more natural breast shape. It is way too early at this point to have a more natural breast shape. Please see the link provided to observe how the breasts change in the days after surgery.

#breast implants too high.

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Hello breastaug5122015. Thanks for your questions and photos. The skin cannot stretch in just a matter of days. It will take time for the breasts to grow. It may take several weeks or months depending on your skin elasticity. The best thing to do is to let nature take it's course. When you're cleared to massage by your PS, be sure you follow those instructions to the letter to get the best outcome. From a psychological perspective, stop looking at your breasts so much right now. The positive changes will come later! Best wishes, Dr. ALDO.

Relatively early

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At 6 six days, it's normal for the implants to be somewhat high.  Talk to your surgeon, but things I do in my practice to assist this process are placing wraps on the upper chest, downward massage, and muscle relaxants.

Take care and good luck.

When will my implants drop?

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Thanks for your question. From my experience, it takes about 3 months to achieve the final result of a breast augmentation. Patience is key! Hope this helps,


Implants dropping

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It can take several weeks and sometimes months for the implants to completely drop.  Be patient with your results.

Post op breast ugmentation

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You are very early in your postoperative course! Please stay patient and consult with your plastic surgeon, good luck!

Implants high

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Hello, it is not uncommon for implants to be sitting high but usually over time they do settle.  It sounds as though you are already followed closely by your plastic surgeon, which is important in the postoperative phase.  I hope you have a nice result.

Breast Implant Settling

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Your frustration is understandable as it appears that your implants are sitting high.  However 6 days post op is very early and some people take several weeks (and even a few months) for the tissue to stretch to accommodate the implant and allow settling.  I would advise that you reserve final judgment until at least 3-6 months post op, and follow your plastic surgeon's instructions for massage to achieve the best results.   

Best of luck to you,

When do breast implants settle

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Being only six days postop, very little healing has occurred. Your tissues are getting used to having the implant in place and you have to let the interaction between the implant and the muscle and skin envelope allow the implants to settle.

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