11 days post op, once the back drain is removed, how do you care for the opening?

I had a TT, Lipo & BBL. 11 days post op & i still have both drains. My dr (out of the county) advised me if the back drain leaks to remove it. Can someone please share with me how I should do this & explain how I should care for the opening after the drain has been removed.

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It's difficult for most people to remove  their own drain, especially if it's in a hard to get location. The sight usually closes over in 24 hrs with a clean gauze dressing.

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Drain care

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You should seek an office for drain removal. This should not be performed by the patient. Once the drain has been removed daily dressings the drain site will allow it to close naturally.

Caring for a drain opening

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Once the drain is removed only care required would be dressing changes daily until the drainage has stopped then wash with soap and water. 

Jeffrey Zwiren, MD
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Doctor out of the country

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I suggest that you call the doctor who is covering for your physician.  everybody does things differently. good luck

Jonathan Saunders, MD
Newark Plastic Surgeon

Not so simple.

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Your doctor should have a nurse or doctor covering for him if he or she is unavailable. That being said, if you are draining less than 30 cc's over twenty four hours for more than one or two days, it might be ready to be removed. If you are uncomfortable doing so you should see another plastic surgeon or general surgeon, surgical nurse practitioner or physician's assistant. For the drain site you should be applying a sterile bandaid with Bacitracin ointment (not Neosporin) at least twice daily, and making sure the drain exit site is clean and with our crust or scab. Ideally you should check with your plastic surgeon's office for more clear instructions, and if unavailable, a board certified plastic surgeon in your area. 

Ram Kalus, MD
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