Is this normal for your breast to open? It's penny size at anchor? No pain, just stressed! (photos)

I have silicone 456 implant in left boob with lift. Anchor incision and I have a opening about a penny wide and deep. Doc says its normal and happens due to tension in that area but I feel it should be re-stitched? Can I put the cream and not put the gauze over it and let it air dry? Why is it wrong to do that way? When I put cream and gauze the wound stays moist and doesn't heal! I'm stressed out please help! I really feel this needs to be closed up!

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T closure issue

It can happen if that is what you are asking, and it is fairly common. AS long as the implants is covered with adequate soft tissue, often local wound care is enough.  Best of luck.

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Breakdown of the "T-junction" closure occurs quite commonly due to lack of blood supply to the skin flaps in this area.  Usually this heals without difficulty with simple dressing changes.  However, if the implant is close to the skin flaps and at risk of being exposed, your surgeon may opt to perform a closure of the wound in the office to prevent implant exposure and infection.  Have your surgeon examine the wound and decide whether to intervene surgically.  Best wishes, Dr. T. 

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Is this normal for your breast to open? It's penny size at anchor? No pain, just stressed!

This i the most common postop issue with breast lift/redutions! Good wound can and tome allows the area to heal by secondary intention. If the implant is exposed than that becomes a serious issue. Best to be seen weekly by your chosen operative surgeon...

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First. Dont get stress

It is the commonest complication. Wounds tend to heal better under moist conditions. This is well demostrated in burns. So put some cream with antibiotic and cover it with a film (like a tatto).  On the other hand you have an implant inside so the risk of infection is incremented. This is the reason why not to leave it alone without coverage. The key is to keep the wound extremely clean, wash it with neutral soap 4 times a day (or more). Remove the film, clean, and then put cream and a new piece of film back on.This way, the wound will close in 2 / 3 weeks with minimal scar in the future. 
Good luck from Bueno Aires!Andrés

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Healing issue

This is indeed quite common. A lot of tension and very reduced blood supply there. The proper treatment is the antibiotic ointment/cream, keeping it clean and giving it time (typically weeks, not days). Follow your surgeon's instructions for the best chance at rapid healing.

Robert H. Hunsaker, MD
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