3 Months Post- Mastectomy. 29 Band Width, 5'4, 130 Lbs, Expanded to 450cc. What Size Should I Go?

Have expanders to 450 currently. Not sure what size implant to get...silicone 450 or 495? Currently still getting expanded. What sizes would this be??

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The final size would dpend on the skin tightness. Did you get Skin sparing mastectomy? what was the weight of the breast removed? these are some of the issues you need to consider for the size of the reconstructed breast.

Your chest measurement is also important to choose the implant. These are issues you need to discuss with your plastic surgeon. Discuss your desires and he/she will be able to discuss what is achievable and what is not

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3 Months Post- Mastectomy. 29 Band Width, 5'4, 130 Lbs, Expanded to 450cc. What Size Should I Go?

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Thanks for the question. But very hard to advise especially without an in person examination of the expansion result. My guess is 495 silicone. So many factors are involved in that deciion as previous posters have alluded too. Skin tightness, pre surgery bra size, etc. 

Smaller implants look more natural in breast reconstruction.

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The final implant size depends on these points:

1)  What was you original bra size?  How much did your breasts weigh after they were removed?

2)  Would you like to be the same size as before?

3)  Remember that after mastectomies, bigger implants do not mean more projection, because of the tightness of the tissues.  Very big implants will make you look too round on top.

George J. Beraka, MD (retired)
Manhattan Plastic Surgeon

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