Marble Size Bump Potruding in my Cleavage Area, Right Breast. Cause?

I had breast implants 3 years ago. Couple of months ago I started feeling some pain in my right lower cleavage. When examined it, I felt that there was a hard round marble size that was potruding in my right lower breast in the cleavage area (sternum). Should I worry about it? When I remove my bra and sleep on my right side it would dissapear. But the poking pain stays when i am wearing my bra. Please reply.

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Lump 3 years after breast augmentation.

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 From your description, this sounds like it may be herniation of the implant through the weekend area of the pectoral muscle attachment to the breastbone. Whatever this visit should be evaluated by your surgeon or primary physician. I would not accept reassurance of an explanation like  mine from someone who has not examined you. Thanks for your question, best wishes.

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Lump in the breast after implants deserves a check up

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From what you describe, a lump in the inner breast that shifts and disappears without a bra suggests a fold in the implant that you can feel. However any breast lump deserves a check-up, so see your surgeon to be sure.

Peter E. Johnson, MD
Chicago Plastic Surgeon
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