Exercise and Swelling - How Much is Too Much?

I am 3 weeks post TT with no MP. I feel like I could return to normal activities if I given the ok! The first day I exercised however, I swelled around 6 lbs. I was a beach ball but I didn't have any pain in the area. 1. Is it normal to swell like this? 2. If I'm not experiencing any pain can I keep going like this if swelling is my only discomfort? 3. Is it normal for the incision to feel warm after a workout? 4. Can I push against the discomfort of tight stomach when working out?

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Returning to Exercise after Tummy Tuck Surgery?

Best to run these type of questions by your plastic surgeon who knows you, exactly what was done, how you are progressing, and who is ultimately responsible for your care. Receiving advice online can potentially be confusing or worse.

 Best wishes.

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Sudden swelling of the abdomen 3 weeks after an abdominoplasty

The development of an extreme amount of swelling after exercise is a cause for concern.  It is possible that you have either a seroma or a hematoma.  Since this seems unusual I would check with your plastic surgeon so you can be examined and determine that it is just soft tissue swelling and not a seroma or hematoma.  

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Swelling 3 weeks post-op with exercise after tummy tuck

At 3 weeks post-op you are a bit early to return to any degree of exercise beyond light walking in my opinion, whether or not you have had a muscle plication.  Aside from the normal edema in the tissues, you could have also developed a seroma.  I have actually seen a seroma develop at 3 weeks in one of my own patients who returned to rigorous activity too soon.  This can also be a cause of your fullness, and it should be considered and evaluated by your surgeon.  

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Exercise and Swelling - How Much is Too Much?

Six pounds of weight gain and increased swelling is quite unusual, and could be a sign of a problem that your surgeon would need to address.  A call to your doctor, who has seen you and followed your recovery is the appropriate channel for the questions you have. Until then, I would hold off on exercise. All the best. 

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Postoperative activities are determined by the surgeon.

This is not the forum to get alternative opinions about convalescence three weeks after surgery. You need to call your plastic surgeon in clear up any confusion.

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