Is there a way to get help with my breasts because my insurance company will not help out after a surgery?

I'm my mid 20's I had to get 2 surgeries done in my breasts because I had lumps. The surgeries were at 2 different time's. Thank God they were not cancer. But now after the surgeries my breats are totally different sizes. My left is a D and my right is about a B. I called my insurance company and they said No, because it's cosmetic. I want them fixed and back to normal. My poor husband hasnt seen them in year's because I'm so uneasy about them. And I'm done with kids now. But it left me fat.

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Breast Asymmetry After Biopsies

Thanks for your question. I have run into this scenario many times over the years with my patients. The insurance company response has been a mixed bag.  I've had several approved that I thought would be denied and vice versa. I've had better results getting the larger breast approved for a breast reduction than I have getting approval for a unilateral breast augmentation. I think your options at this point are to change insurance companies if possible and re-submit your case for approval or to find a plastic surgeon who has a financing plan in his/her office. Best of luck!

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Insurance breast surgery

Thank you for your question. Unfortunately insurances do not cover cosmetic surgery. I recommend finding a board-certified plastic surgeon that you can work with in terms of possible financing. Your options include breast augmentation or fat grafting to correct the deformity. 

Johnny Shea-Yuan Chung, MD, FACS
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Thank you for the question.  It is hard to find insurance companies to approve for breast augmentation procedures since these are elective surgeries and is considered cosmetic.  You would probably be looking to spend out of your pocket for this procedure.  There are, however, some clinics that have payment plans so you may want to check on that too. Best of luck, Dr. Michael Omidi.

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There is no way around cosmetic procedures with insurance plans. They have become more stringent on what is covered.

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Unfortunately insurance companies have become harder and harder to deal with.  You got denied and will likely have to pay out of pocket for any improvement. Good luck.

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Breast asymmetry after lumpectomy

Unfortunately the issue you are describing is a cosmetic one as many if not all insurance companies do consider it to be cosmetic. Therefore, you will likely require an implant based augmentation of the smaller breast which again would be fully cosmetic and out of pocket for you.

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Dr. Ravi Somayazula

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Insurance help with augmentation

Hello and thank you for reaching out. Unfortunately, insurance companies will not cover anything that is considered cosmetic, which an augmentation falls into that category. Although you have experienced scarring and other issues from previous medically necessary procedures, the correct would still be considered 100% cosmetic. Best Wishes!

Financing cosmetic surgery on the breast.

If all insurance channels for coverage of been exhausted your face with paying for the surgery yourself. It's always best to save the money in advance but there are financing companies that will underwrite your procedure if you can't wait.

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Breast Augmentation not covered by insurance

We see this often in our practice. Unfortunately this is considered cosmetic since there was no cancers found (thank goodness).  You should do your research and find yourself a Board certified Plastic Surgeon. Most plastic surgeons offer great financing options for patients. Best of luck in your journey.

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Insurance coverage for augmentation

Insurance will not cover your augmentation because if is not a medically necessity meaning your health or life will not be threatened without the augmentation.  Your augmentation will be an out of pocket expense. Best wishes.  

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