Lower bleph and co2 laser under eyes - for the money am not happy at all.

Anysuggestions to improve undereyes

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Lower blepharoplasty/CO2 laser resurfacing

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I need more info as well as pictures to give you any advice. I would recommend starting by seeing your PS and discussing your results. He/she may be able to do a minor correction in the office to improve your results. Alternatively, you could always get another opinion from another board-certified PS. Best wishes. 

Not happy

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Mixster 02,

I think the lower blepharoplasty and CO2 lasering is a great combination, but there is one pitfall.  After the laser redness and/or peeling heals, the skin under your eyes doesn't look any better.  It takes approximately 6 months after your skin looks normal again to see the thickening that will improve the color and texture under your eyes.  It will happen so gradually you won't notice it.  One day you'll just look in the mirror and notice the dark under your eyes has lightened and the crepe-paper like wrinkles are gone.  So hang in there!  If there are other concerns, definitely talk to your ps about it.  Just try to remember - it will take time for the laser results to take place!  Best of luck.

Renee Jespersen MD

M. Renee Jespersen, MD
Fairfax Plastic Surgeon
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Issues after procedure

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You would need to be seen in person by a specialist to assess your problem.  At the very least, it would be crucial to provide photos to determine any issues and to provide guidance and direction. 

Paul Nazemi, MD
Newport Beach Oculoplastic Surgeon

Eye issue

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I think that you need to be seen in person to determine what would be appropriate for your issues. Best of luck.

Steven Wallach, MD
New York Plastic Surgeon
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Not happy

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The most important factor to success with cosmetic surgery, is s great relationship with your doctor. I advise following up with your PS and express your concerns to him or her. Sometimes time is all that is needed to see improvement.  In other cases, touch up work, or minor revisions are necessary. It's ALL part of cosmetic surgery. 

Arnold Almonte, DO
Roseville Plastic Surgeon
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Unhappy after surgery

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Please post your before and after pictures and more details about what you had done in order to give you the best opinion of your outcomes and expectations. 

Dilip D. Madnani, MD, FACS
New York Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Unhappy with results

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Without a picture or more specific details about what exactly you are unhappy about,  it is difficult to give you advice other than to express your concerns with your surgeon.  You did not mention how long it has been since your surgery, so you might still be in the healing phase and need more time to assess the final result.  My advice is to follow up with your surgeon to express your concerns. Best wishes to you!

Erik Miles, MD, FACS
Charlotte Plastic Surgeon
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Unhappy patient following lower blepharoplasty and laser

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No photographs are supplied. While our ultimate goal is to result in a happy patient surgeons have a limited armamentarium to treat specific physical problems. No surgeon will guarantee happiness but practically every surgeon can improve the appearance. Sometimes surgeons are limited by the "needs" of the patient including recovery time, finances, physical condition and others. This patient should describe her concerns to the surgeon and if they cannot agree then she should seek a second opinion. Unrealistic expectations are by far the most common cause for an unhappy patient following surgery.

Richard O. Gregory, MD
Orlando Plastic Surgeon
4.6 out of 5 stars 13 reviews

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