Right areola significantly larger than left after revision. Any suggestions? (photo)

I had a revision on my right breast about 6 weeks ago. Everything is going fine except for the fact that the areola is much much bigger than my left. I'm very sad and worried. Is there any chance it will shrink at all as healing progresses. I would like to avoid a 3rd surgery but is there one that could fix it? Thank You.

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Right areola significantly larger than left after revision.

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I assume that you had no surgery on your left breast 6 weeks ago, only the right. If this is true, then the left areola size is not going to contract (only stretch), and the right areola will not shrink over time (it's healed).

Unfortunately, this means that surgical revision will be necessary once the tissues soften and mature over 6 months or more. You will need to discuss this with your surgeon, as well as costs, if this was not already reviewed before your most recent surgery. Best wishes! Dr. Tholen

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i would suggest waiting a bit longer to let it heal. the other areola may stretch out with time. if after several months it still appears different and bothers you I would discuss with your surgeon

David E. Kim, MD
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