What to do after possible damage with Pearl Fractional Laser and other Acne scar treatments? (photos)

Have I overdone it with tx's?Last June started minocyclin, worked great. For icepick scars on forehead, tried retin a for 3 mths, b4 that did 4 chem peels a mth apart.Did wkly at home microdermabrasion.Washed with proactive.Forehead looked worse. 8 days ago did pearl fractional on forehead.Now have an orange peel texture and grid marks.Will this go away?Am I still healing?Looks like pores but not, skin looks old, fine lines. Feel like I've overdone tx's.Will skin go back to normal if left alone?

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Healing from fractional lasers

Healing takes time from fractional lasers, like the Pearl. At only 8 days out your texture should be odd and different, but remember that it was altered underneath. Eventually the texture will change but it takes a good amount of time to 1. heal and then 2. see results. Be nicer to your skin for a bit and hold off on everything except good skincare and sunscreen.

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