Crooked Nose Bridge After Septorhinoplasty, Do I Need a Revision Surgery? (photo)

I had my Septorhinoplasty last June 10, 2013. Is it normal to have a crooked nose bridge 2 weeks post-op? They harvested a cartilage from my ear for my nose, if you touch the crooked part of my nose, its hard and its not the swelling that makes it crooked looking. If you look at the side view, there is a hump on the nose bridge. Would i need a revision surgery to make it straight? My only concern is the upper nose bridge. Please answer me great Doctors, Thanks! :)

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Two weeks and a lot of healing to go

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I think that two weeks is too soon for an accurate review of your results.  You still have a lot of healing to go.  I tell my patients that after a primary rhinoplasty they can expect to see 80% of their results after one month, 95% at 6 months and 99% at one year.  I think you need to give yourself a little bit more time to assess if revision is required.  

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