Uneven Upper Blepharoplasty? (photos)

I had my surgery a week ago. According to my opthalmologist, he did a partial incision. I had assymetrical eyelids to begin with. After the operation, I immediately noticed that the suture lines are uneven. Sadly, they're also too low for me. After a few days, another crease was formed above the suture. It's still like this even after the removal of suture. I'm so disappointed. Did the opthalmologist make a mistake? Do I need a revision? Or should I just wait after few months? Please help.

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Accessory Crease

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Hi there. Greetings from the UK! The extra crease that your seeing above your new surgical crease in YOUR RIGHT upper eyelid is actually your natural accessory crease. Indeed you can see it in your preoperative photo faintly. Annoyingly they can become more apparent following double eyelid surgery. Rest assured it isn't something that was created by your surgeon at all but was already present preoperatively. As the various pull vectors and swelling alter following double eyelid surgery, these accessory creases can become more apparent. More often than not they are temporary only, rest assured, but rarely can be permanent. I personally spend ages in clinic looking for them preoperatively so that we can target surgical ablation to try and get rid of them at the same time as new skin crease reformation but warn the patient that they may reform back or become more apparent. Rest assured that if it remains permanent, they can be revised with variable success. So try not to worry. You surgeon is NOT to blame. They often disappear as the postoperative swelling dissipates. They can be sorted out with revisional surgery if need be but normally I'd wait 6-9 months at least before offering this service. Best wishes David

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I do think you are going to have an issue.

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However, it is honestly far too early to know.  It will be much easier to understand what is going on in 2 months.  If you still feel things are not right, please consider reposting on Realself so we can see.  I have seen eyelids that immediately after surgery, it looked like there might be an issue, but healed beautifully.  Hang in there and let the eyes heal.

Kenneth D. Steinsapir, MD
Beverly Hills Oculoplastic Surgeon
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"Double eyelid" surgery for Asian patient

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At this point of your healing it appears that you could very well end up with an excellent result with good symmetry. The actual crease level is rather symmetrical, and the extra fold should fade out.  Make sure you follow up with your surgeon for appropriate visits, and wait for final appearance in a few months.

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