Is it normal to feel lightheaded 2 weeks after BA?

i just had BA 2 weeks ago,im still experiencing lightheadedness and sometimes pain in my head,and i stutter when i talk,i have pains on my hands and feet this normal?i want my implants removed .i dont want any future complcations.i have this deep pain in my left breast evrytime lying down like theres a golf ball being squeeze or therapist said its affecting my mental health too,i can sleep well and i cry because i felt like ive done worst to my body.

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Anxiety after breast augmentation

I am so sorry that you are feeling this way. It is quite common to feel all levels of anxiety after cosmetic surgery, especially Breast augmentation. It sounds like most if not all of the symptoms you are experiencing are related to anxiety. The prudent course would be to call a meeting with your plastic surgeon and therapist to resolve your issues. Best of luck!

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Difficulties early after breast augmentation

The first 1-2 weeks following breast augmentation can be difficult from the significant discomfort and often odd looking shape of breast that occurs early after submuscular implant placement.  The discomforts should soon resolve and in the ensuing months the implants should descend into a pleasing shape and position.  

I suggest you contact your plastic surgeon so that he/she may confirm that your healing is uncomplicated.  If your healing is proceeding as anticipated, I recommend you have a frank discussion of your concerns so that he may directly address and find the best course of action for you.

Chen Lee, MD
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