Is this a bad or good otoplasty? (Photo)

I just had my otoplasty done 4 days ago and I'm not sure if the results are good (i.e natural looking and not too pushed back). I understand that they are still swelling so I may not be able to tell the final results just yet but (1) Are they a little too pushed back? (2) the earlobes stick out... (3) once the top part stops swelling, would it possibly curl up? Need your honesty assessing the results! Most people I ask are "okay" with it but I'm not sure if they're saying it out of courtesy.

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Thank you for your question! Unfortunately, it is somewhat difficult to make a clear judgement on whether or not your otoplasty procedure was performed "well". That being said, many things can change after the "4 days post-procedure" mark. After any surgical procedure, you can technically have swelling for up to 16 months. If you are concerned with your results, I would lean on your provider for reassurance during your recovery process. If you feel like being evaluated by another provider, I would seek out a double-board certified facial plastic surgeon that specializes in the face. Waiting at least 4-8 weeks post-procedure would be best for another evaluation to ensure a majority of your swelling has subsided. I hope this is helpful to you! All the best. 

Dr. Todd Hobgood, MD

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Is this a bad or good otoplasty?

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It appears to me that your ears were pinned too strongly in the middle. However, a photo from the back is missing to enable a better assessment of this. Basically though, nothing can be said about the final result so shortly after an otoplasty. You should wait at least 3 months, or even better, 6 months.


Waldemar Merck, MD
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