Otoplasty update, 25 days post op, ears still swelling and looks too pinned back in the middle? (Photo)

I just had my stitches removed 2 days ago after more than 3 weeks post op but the the swelling is still kinda bad. Sometimes when i touch my ear i still feel a little sore. Is this normal? Also... please help, as I think it looks too pinned back in the middle. This is an update from a photo I posted 3 weeks ago with my ears in a far worse shape. Thanks so much for your inputs!

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It is normal to have certain stitches removed after some time, it depends on how you are healing and your doctor’s opinion. It is also normal to have some tenderness post op, make sure to consult with your doctor if you have any swelling, fever, or leakage as this could be a sign of infection. I am sorry that you are not satisfied with your results at the moment. It is rather early post op to judge certain results because it takes some time to for your ears to “settle”. Make sure to consult with your doctor on what your concerns are. I wish you luck during your healing process and have a great day!

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