I'm unhappy with my smile but are veneers the right fix? (photos)

I don't like to smile. But are veneers the right fix? My teeth are short, semi discolored and have gaps. But I think part of my smile-shyness comes from the fact that I have a very square face/jaw with dimples and a wide set mouth, These features make my face look even bigger when I smile. I wonder: would veneers (which can make the face bigger) only make this worse? I want a more confident smile-- if veneers are the answer how many would I need to get?

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Veneers for a more confident smile #DrSoftTouch

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Veneers would be the best option for you to close your spaces and give you beautifully white smile. You would likely need to veneer your top 8 teeth, possibly 10. Often times, many people opt to veneer the top and whiten the lower since the lower teeth aren't as visible when you smile. I hope this helps.  You can click on save below my name if you think you may have some follow up questions of me.


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this is the moment for a Makeover, and you will be able to change the shape, size and even color, you will have a hollywood smile , and the smile you always wanted, can be done, and you will achieve the results, it could be 8 or 10 teeth , this will depend on the smile analysis, and the doctors experience. but yes, you have a solution.

Unhappy with my smile...are veneers the right fix?

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I think porcelain veneers could give you an awesome smile.  I would recommend 8 upper veneers and teeth whitening on your lower teeth, since they do not show much when you smile.  Just make sure you communicate how you want your smile to look, and that you let your dentist know if there is anything about your temporary veneers that you do no like. Changes can be easily made at this stage of treatment. 

 Most important of all, make sure you see the permanent porcelain veneers on your teeth before they are bonded in to confirm that you love them.  In this way, you will assure that you are happy with the final results.  

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Not Just Veneers

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Based on your photos and description, the best way to have a great smile is to first lengthen your teeth and afterwards place veneers. Since your teeth look short, if you just put veneers on your teeth they will look too wide. If you first raised your gums by doing a "gum lift" ( a surgical procedure) your teeth would be longer and after placing veneers they would look proportional. I don't think having veneers done would make your face appear bigger. Nicer looking teeth would enhance your appearance.  In terms of how many, you would need at least 8 on the upper and the lower would need to be whitened at the least and may need veneers as well. That would need to be evaluated by an experienced dentist. If you have further questions, let me know. I hope this helps!

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