Teeth extractions for braces? Is it risky? (photos)

I have gotten 2 orthodontic opinions and they both say that getting 4 teeth extractions is the best possible way to fix my smile. My lips do protrude , but I am worried about the risks that come with it. I am unsure if I do need them allow my orthodonist does say I have crowding so I need to remove teeth. I am 19 years old and he told me he can't use expanders cause I am too old. I just want to get other opinions if I REALLY need these extractions or not. Thanks for any input.

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Extractions Needed for Braces?

Absolutely, positively NO! You do not need to amputate four perfectly healthy teeth to straighten your teeth. You are not too old to expand your dental arches. I do adult expansion in adults EVERY SINGLE DAY with outstanding results. The paradigm that adult expansion is not possible is completely outdated. I was told in dental school 20+ years ago that expansion in a non-growing patient is not possible. I can't believe they are still teaching this rubbish. Go find a doctor who understands modern orthodontic philosophies and knows what epigenetic orthodontics is. Good luck! 

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