Can I make the swelling go down on my nose after nose job ? How can I make the swelling go down? I did not get a nose job yet

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Limiting swelling after rhinoplasty

Limiting swelling after rhinoplasty can be assisted with several factors:

  • Gentle operative technique
  • Use of IV steroid pre surgery (several studies have shown less swelling after rhinoplasty)
  • Post procedure taping of the nose when necessary
  • Strict adherence to office protocol to limit swelling  

Swelling in the nose can take up to 2 years to dissipate and in some cases may require intralesional injections of steroids and other maneuvers to help decrease edema of the nose.

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Edema after rhinoplasty

The swelling after rhinoplasty can be reduced with help of a short dose of steroids that can be given by your doctor.  After surgery should limit your exercise, salt and alcohol intake and sun exposure.  Warm compresses and gentle massage after the first week will also help expedited.


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Swelling and bruising after a rhinoplasty procedure

 It is important to anticipate at least 2 weeks of bruising and swelling after a rhinoplasty procedure due to the surgical process of changing the shape of the bone and cartilage in the nose.

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Swelling and rhinoplasty

Swelling will dissipate on its own.  It is difficult to predict how long it will take to subside. Most take a year or longer for it to completely improve.

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Swelling after rhinoplasty

Swelling after rhinoplasty depends on many factors:

1) certain manuevers in surgery may increase swelling:
- operative length may correlate
- osteotomies (breaking the bones)
- grafts 
- open vs closed approach

2) your own inherent reaction to surgery
- do you bruise easily?
- do you swell easily?

3) external influences
- blood thinners increase bruising and swelling
- infection can lead to lingering swelling

There are some methods to reduce swelling (after surgery)
- ice early on
- arnica
- sometimes steroids are given to reduce swelling
- sleep elevated
- avoid stress 
- control blood pressure
- control pain
- massage is sometimes recommended to reduce swelling
... others...

Ultimately, you should find a surgeon who has a track record of great results and with whom you feel comfortable.

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