Space felt on upper 2/3 of nose after revision rhinoplasty? (Photos)

I asked this question before but it was not really answered how I wanted so I will post a pic. Anyway after my revision surgery and not after my primary.. I feel like half way of the nose to almost all the way up I feel a very little gap like || but my fingernail can barely go into it. Still I am a little worried? Is this normal.. it is very small but runs acroos a large part of my nose and is NOT visible. Ostetomies were done. What is below this area is it hollowness or is it this red stuff?

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Space in nose

Irregularities that can be felt and not seen are normal post rhinoplasty sequela and do not cause problems or require intervention.

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Some minor irregularities might be felt under the skin. It can be bone you are feeling or the edge of the septum with the upper lateral cartilages. Hard to say for sure without an exam.

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