Rhinoplasty; what is the next step?

I have a question. I feel horrible everyday of my life because of my nose its just an unattractive for me. My parents are not willing to let me get a nose job so whats my next step, I talk to a physiologist which is not helping me. Its just hopeless at this point

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Rhinoplasty; what is the next step?

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Thank you for your question, please do send some photos for evaluation it is best to also visit a surgeon in your country for examination.

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My parents are opposed to a rhinoplasty. What is my next step?

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There are many reason why parents would not want you to have a rhinoplasty. May be they don't think your nose is as bad as you think it is or may be they can't afford to pay for it or may be they are afraid that the results would not be good and you would still be unhappy.  There is however on positive thing that you can concentrate on and that is: You will soon be independent and will reach the age when you can make your own decisions about these things. You should consider this as a goal in life and work hard to achieve it. Study hard then find a job and save the money to do what you want. These are all the next steps that you can take or may be along the way, your parents will change their mind and help you with it. Wish you all the best. 

Hopeless Without Rhinoplasty

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Nothing is hopeless! I understand that you feel horrible about your nose, and it is very difficult when one is young to feel unhappy with one's face. With great sensitivity I want you to remember something very important:  the exterior is just the paint job on the car. It is the motor -- the engine -- that matters.  I was chief resident at the burn unit at Cornell, and also at Sloan Kettering's cancer center. You are unlike the patients I dealt with at the two institutions I mention above, who do not have the privilege of looking great after one cosmetic surgery. I suggest you focus on your studies, work hard to save your money, and eventually your diligence will allow you to change something that you don't like about your face. Maybe you can have your therapist help you to outline goals and things you can do to eventually make the changes that you want.  All along, though, feel proud of yourself that you are working toward a goal. 

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Thank you for your question.

Unfortunately, if you are under the age of 18 you need parental consent to undergo elective cosmetic surgery. I would continue talking with your psychologist and if by the time you are 18 and/or financially stable to afford this procedure, then I would reconsider at that point going through with it. You will want to do your research and schedule a few consultations with board certified plastic surgeons in your area to have a nasal examination done, review of your medical history, discussion of your cosmetic goals and an estimate written up for you. You can also discuss payment plans at this time to see if that is an option for you. Best of luck in your endeavors.


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Surgery decision

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Hello and thank you for your question.  I am sorry to hear about your troubles with your nose.   If you are under 18, you will need your parents consent for surgery.  I highly recommend that you talk more with your psychologist.  This can often help.

Best wishes and good luck.

Richard G. Reish, M.D.
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Your nose

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Without your parents support, if you are under 18 and not financially independent, you can not do anything. Perhaps seeing the psychologist with y our parents present and expressing you feelings might help. 

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