Rhinoplasty open roof; if you hypothetically put each wall to its respective side what is below the bones?

hey docs I had a large dorsal hump removal and I feel like a small small gap on my bridge where only my fingernail can barely fit into it but before my rhinoplasty it felt completely different... My facial plastic surgeon said it is actually common sometimes after a dorsal hump removal but he did osteotomies so it is all fine he said..anyway just curios what is below this gap is it just emptyness..... if you hypothetically put each wall to its respective side what is below the bones... tissue?

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Open Roof after Rhinoplasty

Fracturing and repositioning of the nasal bones is usually done after removal of a hump. As long as you can't see a separation of the bones or a wide bridge it ia not important that you can feel minimal separation.

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Rhinoplasty open roof; if you hypothetically put each wall to its respective side, what is below the bones?

Medial and lateral osteotomy's of the nasal bones are usually required to close the open roof created from the hump removal. You may feel slight irregularities along the bridge line which are not worrisome. If you can visibly see the gap, then revision osteotomies may be required. Below the open roof is simply open nasal cavity.

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Open Roof

Thanks for posting this interesting question. When a bump is removed, one of two things happen. Most commonly, the under-lining of the bone (called periosteum) is exposed. It is soft.  Occasionally, if a huge bump is reduced, the nasal cavity is actually entered. In either case, the nasal sidewalls are then tipped inwards to close the open roof (breaking the bones).  If the open roof is not fully closed and you feel something soft, you are likely feeling collagen (soft scar) between the bones.

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Rhinoplasty , some advices:

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What is below bones?

Below the caudal aspect of the bones are porrtions of the upper lateral cartilages and on the upper region there is periostieum, a mucosal surface which then makes-up the nasal airway.

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