Is It Possible to Remove Loose Skin Below the Belly Button Following an Umbilical Float Abdominoplasty? (photo)

I am happy with my shape, but unsatisfied with my navel (long, brain-like, wrinkly skin at the bottom). Is it possible to detach just the interior, remove some of the skin in a quarter moon shape (following the curve of the inside top of the navel flap) and reattach the inside of navel higher, pulling the lower part smooth? Or can my desired results be achieved in another way? I will get fat transfer for dent above navel. Also, is it possible to get the line back between my abdominis rectus?

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Fat Grafting to the Dent and Umbilicoplasty

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   Fat grafting to the dent is reasonable.  Etching of the midline can be performed to give better definition.  An umbilicoplasty can be performed, but you will be trading the lips for scars. 

Remove Loose Skin Below the Belly Button

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I would hold off on any incisions around the navel--an average scar may be more noticeable than what you have now. Some fat grafting above the navel to fill in the flat area should be helpful, and some more around the navel may plump up  the surrounding and stretch out the redundant skin. Only if that doesn't give enough improvement would I consider and incisions.

Thanks, best wishes.

Jourdan Gottlieb, MD
Seattle Plastic Surgeon

First, do the fat

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Please be very careful in what you try to make your belly button better.  First of all, you are very thin, so when you had the diastasis, the little bit of fat that was just above your umbilicus was pulled apart with the muscle.  When the muscles are sewn back together, that only fixes the muscle and leaves the fat displaced laterally.  That's why you need the fat grafting above.  I would suggest fat grafting around your navel as well to give it some more depth instead of removing skin.  Skin removal will stretch your navel wider and look more unnatural.  As for the line between the muscles, it can't really be undone reliably.  You could use some liposuction to "carve" in some definition. 


As I look closer at you pictures, I think that fat grafting alone can accomplish most of your desires.  There are a lot of surgeons in New York and Sydney Coleman is the world's expert.  He's right in your backyard so it would at least be worth a face-to-face consultation with him.  Good luck!

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