What is this piece of skin? I have the same thing and I came across it on this website.

This is actually not me ... but I have the same piece of vertical skin nearing the opening of the vagina. Only one doctor answered the question stating it is a "hymenal hypertrophy." I googled it and did not find much information on the internet. What is it? Is it normal? Does it need to be removed? How can it be removed? If so, do you need to go under the knife to get this done?

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Piece of skin sticking out from the vagina. Small prolapsed hymenal tag

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Easy!  What you have is a small prolapsed "hymenal tag..."  This is a small piece of skin from the "hymenal ring" that has "popped out..."  Not abnormal!  Don't bother it unless it bugs you.  If so, it can be removed quite easily by an inexpensive excision with an electrocautery, Laser, or rediofrequency ("RF") instrument; rapid recovery

Best wishes,

Michael P Goodman MD

Hymenal tissue

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Hello, the extra tissue you are pointing out is part of the hymenal ring.  It can easily be surgically excised under local anesthesia if it is bothering you. 

Hymenal Tag

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It's a hymenal tag. The remnants of the hymen sometimes take a fingerlike shape. They are harmless, but they can be removed in minutes under local anesthesia in the office.

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