NYC Doctor for TMJ Botox?

I just learned about botox for TMJ and am determined to find a doctor. Not knowing any that perform this treatment, where should I start to look? Would anyone be able to recommend a doctor in NYC? After years of pain and the teeth and jaw to show for it, I'm so happy to learn this exists!!

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Botox does help TMJ

Hello, harlem12.  The dose of botox needed to relax the jaw varies according to the size of the muscle, but for symptomatic TMJ we usually start with 15 units each side, and then increase the dose as needed. My patients who have tried this have been very happy with the result and have not had any side effects.

New York Dermatologist
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TMJ Botox Injectors

There are many qualified injectors in New York City. Simply go on the Doctor Finder section of RealSelf and look under dermatologists or plastic surgeons near you and you'll be able to find many who specialize in Botox. You can then call some and simply ask if they do TMJ injections as it's a bit different than cosmetic Botox and some may not do it. Select an office or a few for consultations that do the TMJ injections and go from there.

F. Victor Rueckl, MD
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