Lip movement trouble; what do I do?

Hi. I am 3 months post op a secondary revision and I notice when applying chapstick it is difficult to move my lips back and forth to spread the chapstick. Its like the nose or the columella area is very stiff. Even before the revision I felt it was like that 1 year post op. My surgery entailed columella strut revision. Any comments or experience with other patients like this?

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Lip Motion After Revision Rhinoplasty

Since your Surgeon has first hand knowledge of what was done during your revision procedure, I would avail of that resource.  However, given that you had a columellar strut placed, the depressor septi muscles may have been divided or weakened with your procedure.  Depending on the intent and the extent of your procedure, your lip motion should improve over time. Three months is still relatively early in the healing process. 

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