Looking for something to diminish naso-labial fold lines besides fillers and surgery. (photo)

Hello all! I have a long thin oval shaped face. Since giving birth to my kids (and gaining and losing 50 lbs with each pregnancy) I have lost a lot of facial volume. Specifically my cheeks look like they're sagging and I have prominent naso-labial folds. I have tried fillers in the past but they didn't make much of a difference. I am not ready for invasive surgery. Can you guys recommend any other procedures that could help me?

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Nasolabial fold correction

Hi and thanks for your question. The nasolabial fold is a natural fold and we do not try to eliminate it completely but to improve the sagging of skin and decrease the fold ,filler injection in midface and cheeks is usually a very effective treatment but this should be done by an expert physician and the type of filler is also very important 

You can also try non invasive treatments like laser or RF for skin tightening. The other option is thread lift.

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