Bbl, fat transfer to lips and breasts?

Is it possible to get a bbl fat transfer to lips and breast all in one surgery or does it need to be done in different surgerys? How much can my breast go up in fat transfer if I'm already naturally a 36 DD? Or would you advice me to just get implants instead ?

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Fat transfer

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Hello, thanks for the question.  It is very common to harvest fat to transfer to different locations in the same surgery.  Your surgeon will plan accordingly how to harvest and prepare the fat for the different locations.  You can get a modest increase in size by fat grafting to the breast, but your best option is to schedule a consultation with a Plastic surgeon to discuss your goals and options.  

Houston Physician

Fat transfer to breasts and lips

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Thanks for your question.

It is possible to do fat transfers to multiple areas.  I feel that it is easier and have more control augmenting breasts with implants vs fat.

Seek out a board ceritifed Plastic Surgeon.

Dr. T

BBL and fat transfer to lips and breasts

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It might be possible to perform fat transfer to all those areas. In general, I prefer to use implants for the breasts, because I feel it allows for more precise control of the final volume.

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