Asked for lower facelift, got bulging cheekbones, sunken cheeks? (Photos)

Went for lower facelift, got MID-lift instead (more than a year ago). Against my instructions, PS took tissue from mid-face & piled it on upper outsides of my cheekbones. I now have absurdly high, wide cheekbones & hollow, caved-in cheeks. My formerly soft round face looks masculine & elongated. Can that relocated tissue be put back where it was? Also, PS did NOT do lower facelift I paid for: did not tighten my jowly jawline, and I still have lines pulling down from sides of mouth.

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Reshaping of face after face lift

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It is impossible to see what is exactly happening with your face and neck based on these limited photos and your history, unfortunately. A detailed clinical evaluation is needed to give you more accurate evaluation and opinion. It is possible to reduce bulky cheeks, bring volume to buccal areas and improve your jaw line. However, full face lift and fat grafting would be my best advice based on limited data presented.

You should seek a second opinion consultation with a renowned board certified plastic surgeon with good reputation in facial rejuvenation. Good luck

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