Which type of brow lift should I get? (photos)

I went to a couple of different doctors and I'm not sure which type of brow lift to get. They all had different recommendations. I am only in my early 20s, and my brows droop because of genetics. Any suggestions?

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Brow Lift

Thank you for your question. I suggest that you consult with a single or double board certified facial plastic surgeon in-person to specify which type of brow lift. In general, endoscopic brow lifts are less invasive than full routine facial plastic surgery procedures. Your endoscopic options include 1) brow lifting performed through tiny keyhole incisions placed behind the front of the hairline and 2) forehead musceplasty performed with an underlying laser.Best wishes,

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Which type of brow lift should I get?

Hi, I have performed many Brow Lifts over the past 30 years.  Non smiling photos of your face would help evaluate the eyebrow position.  If the eyebrows are significantly low, compared to the desired aesthetic position, an open (Coronal Brow Lift) remains the "gold standard" by which all other brow lifting techniques are measured.  The issue with an endoscopic brow lift is that it requires some method of tissues suspension (hooks, screws, sutures or threads) and while one point of fixation can be achieved using the bone of the skull, the brow tissues are much softer allowing any suspension technique to ultimately pull through which will release the lifting effects.  The Coronal Brow Lift, on the other hand, trims excess, loose scalp created by the lifting process which holds the brows in the elevated, lifted position.
Hope this helps.

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Browlifts in 20+ year olds

should be avoided if at all possible... use Botox to help control you brow position as a safer and scar free option.  Now if one of your surgeons can provide you some kind of warranty with a good revision policy, then certainly consider the procedure since you have some protection.  Be cautious because procedures often lead to other problems when done at such a young age.  Having full face photos would help in forming an opinion as to whether a procedure would benefit you or not.

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Dear Hylia, It is difficult to tell what surgery would be best with the limited photographs above. If you would like to send photographs for further expert opinion you can post them on my website link. In the majority of patients and especially younger patients I prefer to perform and endoscopic browlift as this raises the brows to a natural position does not markably raise the hairline, and you have no tell tale signs of surgery. I have included a video above and link below for further examples. Best regards, Michael V. Elam, M.D.

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Browlift type?

it should not be that complicated. Low hairline--endoscopic forehead lift. High Hailine--Irregular Trichophytic forehead lift. If you are like 90% of Caucasian women you won't want your hairline raised and may want it lowered. If you have this make sure you see the surgeons results with the hairline. Hair should grow THRU it not behind.  

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What type of browlift would be appropriate for a patient in her 20s.

Thank you for your question. Unfortunately your photographs are not useful and if anything suggest that you may not even need a browlift.  I am a big believer in browlifts for women whose brows are low or flat or downward turning in their outer aspect creating a sad look.  Browlifts can dramatically feminize and rejuvenate a face when done properly for the proper candidate.  I lean toward the use of a prehairline browlift since incisions heal beautifully without elevation of the hairline.  The rare exception is the patient with a very low hairline who would like it raised, in which case I choose the use of a coronal browlift incision.
My best advice would be for you to meet with several board-certified plastic surgeons or facial plastic surgeons to discuss your options. Sometimes starting with Botox injected to the crow's feet area to provide and test the elevation of your outer brows alone without surgery may be advisable.
Good luck and best wishes.
Jon A Perlman M.D., FACS
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Best Brow Lift Technique for Me

I must see more than just a close-up picture of your to answer your question. The appearance of your eyes and eyelids as well as your hairline location must be considered. While I have a bias towards the Irregular Trichophytic Hairline Incision that we described many years ago there are advantages and disadvantages to each approach. Consult with a surgeon experienced with all techniques so you get an honest comparison.

Richard W. Fleming, MD
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Browlift procedure for low eyebrows

A full set of facial photographs with the eyebrows at rest are required to determine being a candidate for an eyebrow lift. A brow lift was only performed for patient to have low set eyebrows. There are many factors to look into when making the decision of what type of browlift to perform, which include the height of the eyebrows, the asymmetry of the eyebrows, the height of the hairline, and the status of 84 had wrinkles in the strength of the frontalis and corrugator muscles of the forehead. Per more information and many examples, please see the link and the video below

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Types of browlifts

The surgical approach to a brow lift will vary as to the surgeon's training and experience. Be sure the approach chosen does not negatively alter adjacent features such as the hairline. 

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