What sort of procedure would be suitable for my stomach? (Photos)

After having 2 babies I have excess skin on my stomach. Do I need a tummy tuck with muscle tightening or just skin removal without muscle tightening?

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What sort of procedure would be suitable for my stomach?

Hello Dear, thank you so much for your questions and pictures.

According with your pictures you would be an excellent candidate for a Tummy Tuck, This procedure consists in the removal of excess skin and abdominal fat and muscle flaccidity correction. This situation of excess skin and relaxation of the abdominal wall is often in patients who have had weight gain and subsequent loss or in womenwho have had multiple pregnancies. Tummy Tuck (Abdominiplasty)  get a flatter, firmer abdomenand a narrower waist. Also i would recommend a Breast reduction in the same round.

Hope hear from you soon, best wishes!!

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See a local plastic surgeon for an exam and options

as your photos suggest that a tummy tuck could definitely be done.  I personally would lean towards a mini-tuck with umbilical float to allow repair of what appears to be an umbilical hernia as well.  You MUST be wary of where your surgeon will place your incision as your photos suggest many surgeons will leave you with a very high scar.  But if you have a full tummy tuck with a low incision, you will have a vertical scar as well.  So choose your scar that you can live with.

Curtis Wong, MD
Redding Plastic Surgeon
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What sort of procedure would be suitable for my stomach?

Thank you for your pictures and questions. The right procedure for you depends on your ultimate goals and expectations. From the appearance in the pictures, I think you would be a good candidate for a tummy tuck with muscle repair. However, an in-person exam and consultation would be required to give you specific advice about what procedure would work best. You should have a consultation with a local board certified (ABPS) plastic surgeon.

Best of luck!

Dallas Buchanan, MD
Spokane Plastic Surgeon
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What sort of procedure would be suitable for my stomach?

Thank you for the question and pictures. Yes, physical examination should allow for an accurate assessment of abdominal wall muscle laxity and the potential benefits of muscle plication.  Based on your history and photographs, you will most likely be an excellent candidate for tummy tuck surgery, including the muscle plication component.

Generally speaking, the “ideal” patient for tummy tuck surgery is one who has completed pregnancies, is psycho socially/emotionally/financially stable, has an excellent social support system surrounding him/her, is capable of arranging enough recovery time, does not smoke and who has reached a long-term stable weight.

Generally speaking, the tummy tuck procedure typically involves plication of the abdominal wall muscle that have spread during pregnancy or weight gain/loss.  It is the very rare patient who after pregnancies and/or weight gain/loss does not benefit from some degree of abdominal wall muscle re approximation.

 IN MY OPINION, omitting this part of the procedure for the vast majority of patients who present for consultation will possibly or likely leave them with continued abdominal wall laxity and, in my opinion, a less than optimal result.  

When the time is right, seek consultation with well experienced board certified plastic surgeons who can demonstrate significant experience achieving the types of outcomes you would be pleased with. It will be important to educate yourself about the potential risks/complications associated with surgery and have a good idea of realistic expectations. Keep in mind, that it is a major operation, associated with a significant physical (and often emotional) recovery period.  Having enough help/support at home for yourself and children will be important  part of the planning process. I hope this, and the attached link, helps. Best wishes.


Tom J. Pousti, MD, FACS
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Tummy Tuck candidate

Hello, thanks for sharing your pictures, you are wonderful candidate for a full tummy tuck with abdominal muscle wall repair and if you want the full package for the best result add lipo in waist, flanks and lower back.

Please make sure that you and your surgeon are on the same page. Don't forget to discuss all your concerns, options and expectations thoroughly. Have a safe and pleasant PS Journey!
Dr. Jaime Campos-Leon
Board Certified Plastic Surgeon  

Jaime Campos Leon, MD
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What sort of procedure would be suitable for my stomach?

Dear Salmulli

You can have a skin removal only but would have limited improvement. A full tummytuck including muscle plication will give you a flatter tummy, better waist shape and overall a better outcome. It will also have a more painful course and longer recovery. From the photos, you are a good candidate for plication at time of tummytuck.

Afshin Parhiscar, MD
Bay Area Plastic Surgeon
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Tummy tuck and Lipo

From the photos submitted, optimal hour glass figure would be seen with an abdominoplasty and liposuction to the flanks (love handles).

Larry C. Leverett, MD, FACS
Phoenix Plastic Surgeon
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What sort of procedure would be suitable for my stomach?

Thank you for the question and photos. It is difficult to answer your question without examining you. However, you may benefit from Abdominoplasty and plication of the muscle. It is best to set up a consult with a board certified plastic surgeon. Good luck.

Himansu Shah, MD
Las Vegas Plastic Surgeon
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What sort of procedure would be suitable for my stomach?

From your photographs and your history of having two pregnancies I would suggest that your candidate for full tummy tuck. This of course need to be confirmed in a face-to-face exam and consultation but will benefit you the most.  We also appear to have an umbilical hernia that can be fixed at the same time under one anesthetic.

Meet with an ABPS board-certified plastic surgeon to discuss options and to review before and after photographs of other  patients.  You will learn more from the video link above.  Best wishes and look forward to the dramatic improvement that I think you will achieve.

Jon A Perlman M.D., FACS
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Beverly Hills, California

Jon A. Perlman, MD
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Tummy tuck ?

You will require a full tummy tuck to optimize removal of skin and to improve the appearance of your belly button; whether you need a muscle repair is dependent on how stretched your muscles got from having your baby; a quick way to determine this is to stick out your belly and suck it in; if there is a big change from those two actions, you can use muscle repair to make you stomach look like it does when you suck it in. Please see link below for examples and to read about the finer points of this surgery.

Arian Mowlavi, MD, FACS
Orange County Plastic Surgeon
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