Are Mandibular Jaw Implants Rare?

Hello! As I researched mandibular jaw implants (which I find to yield amazing results) I couldn't help but notice that they are far less common than, let's say chin implants, and they literally do not exist in Europe, which is where I am at. Why is that? Is it such a complex procedure, that only a few can do it? How well established are the longterm effects, or the complications, if there are so few doctors who practice it? In short, is it a safe procedure? Or did I just get a wrong picture?

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Mandibular Implants

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Mandibular implants other than chin implants are very helpful for the right person. As you have surmised, the skill and experience of the surgeon with these implants is key. Plastic Surgeons who have completed Craniofacial fellowships, and some specially trained Oral Maxillofacial and Head and Neck surgeons are the specialists you should be looking for. In the right hands it is a safe procedure for most..

The Uniqueness of Mandibular Angle Implants

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Mandibular angle implants are the least commonly performed implant of any of the facial prominences. They are the most difficult facial implant to place and have a high revision rate. For this reason, they are often done by just a few surgeons who, as a result, have a lot of experience doing them. It can be a very effective and safe facial augmentation procedure when done well.

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