Mandibular Implants? 6'7''

Im very unhappy with my long face and believe that if I had some contours to my face it would make me more attractive and confident. Ever since I was 14 I didn't like the way I look. I'm 6'7'' and 25 years old which brings me to my question if there are implants or methods that would fit my dimensions, since my head is rather large. I thought of jaw and chin implants. Any other advice on enhancements would be welcome. I believe that my chin isn't aligned which makes my mouth sort of crooked.

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Improving the Long Face Look

Increasing forward projection of the face with chin augmentation and establishing a more defined jawline with jaw implants may well improve the long face look. This can be shown by computer imaging to demonstrate what type of implants and their size may be beneficial. You will need to submit some pictures for analysis. Feel free to send them to me at Send a good front and side view for my assessment.

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