Unhappy After Jaw Surgery, Genioplasty, Nose Job and Cheek Implants - Suggestions?

i had jaw surgery, bimax le fort 1 and genioplasty 4 yeas ago,later nose job and cheek implants,still i am not happy. i like to have rounder, younger and much prettier look. would you please advice me 1-dropping eye skin specially lower eye,wrinkels,hollowness and dark circel? 2-narrow face and the narrow jaw line angle 3-my 3rd part of face is sth that i like to cahnge to wider angle,is taht ok by jaw impant ? Mandible Surgery or Jaw Implant?nose Revision?tear Implant,juvederm or Fat Grafting Under the Eye/? p.s:i am 40 years old your response means lot to me

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Facial Reshaping Needs Requires Photographic Analysis

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Your facial situation sounds and is complex and only looking at photos can help answer your questions. There are numerous options for lower eyelid hollowing/tear troughs, a narrow face with limited bigonial angle width and secondary rhinoplasty concerns. I would suggest you submit some photos from different angles and list your very specific problems in all problem areas. The answers can only be as good as the information submitted beforehand.  

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