Mandible Implants--am I a Good Candidate to Benefit from Them? (photo)

I had a chin implant/neck liposuction and was pleased. However, I want a dramatic improvement to my jawline (square, chiseled jawline). Would I benefit from mandible implants? If so, what size? Are they supposed to be nailed to the jaw? Will they look un-natural or make me seem genetically blessed? Opinions, thoughts from professionals greatly appreciated! Also, what is an average recovery time until the general public wont think, "what happened to him?"

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Chin and Jaw Angle Implants For Chiseled Jawline Look

Providing further definition to your jaw line is likely going to require chin and jaw angle implants...although I would reserve complete judgment on that based on seeing more photos particularly side and oblique views. No opinion can be given to style and size of these implants without further photographic and computer imaging analysis. As a general rule, it takes about three weeks after this surgery to look 'non-surgical' although a full three months is needed for all remnants of swelling to go away and the final result to be appreciated in detail.

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