Best Augmentation for Jawline Asymmetry?

I would like to correct some facial asymmetry in my jawline. On one side,the angle is fairly pronounced (more square), while on the other, it's less defined (no real noticeable angle). I've had a fat transfer to attempt to correct it, and while I found this led to more volume, it's still not as defined as the other side. I'm wondering if radiesse could work for this, or if there are any other solutions of which I may not be aware.(I'm female, so I don't want it to end up looking too masculine)

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Surgery for Chin Asymmetry

Your concern is more common than you may know.  Many people have developmental differences between one side of the face and the other, and these may range from very subtle to significantly different.  Fat injections or filler injections are sometimes performed to increase the soft tissue thickness and help camouflage differences in the bone structure, with varying degrees of success.  My approach is to achieve symmetry by directly addressing the differences in the bone contour.  By shaping and reducing the more prominent side of the chin/ jawline, your bone structure will become more symmetric and create a more symmetric framework for your face.  This can usually be achieved with an incision in the mouth, so the scars will not be externally visible.  Your board certified plastic surgeon will be able to evaluate your anatomy and help you decide on the best approach to achieve your goals.

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Use BOTOX to Create Jawline Symmetry - Reduces Tissue Bulk, Yields Softer, Feminine Jaw Angle

Radiesse could be considered for more significant volume augmentation than what fat transfer provided.

However, I recommend you consider an alternative solution - reduce the tissue adjacent to the jawbone, rather than augmenting it. This solution may be more appropriate for you, particularly given your comment that one side of your jaw is fairly pronounced and square-shaped - which is usually more masculine and undesirable to most females.

Commonly, women who are unhappy with a strong, masculine-looking, square-shaped jawline seek treatment to reduce the bulk of the masseter muscle located at the angle of the jaw. Reducing the bulk of the masseter muscle creates a jawline that looks softer, rounder, and more feminine. A temporary technique to reduce the bulkiness of this muscle is to use Botox or Dysport to shrink the muscle in this area.

In your case, reducing the bulk of the muscle in this area so that the bony architecture beneath it is more visible may be more successful in restoring your jaw symmetry while also achieving the flattering feminine jaw contour you desire.

Michael R. Macdonald, MD
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