Can my Grade 2 Facial Palsy Be Perfected to Near Normal?

I was in a RTA IN 2009 at age 16,my facial palsy was grade 6 in the early days of my accident but i had therapy and it is now only grade 2. The partial paralysis is still enough to create a great deal of anxiety and embarrassment and it is affecting me emotionally and physically. It also feels so tight around my eye because of the brow ptosis. When i smile in the mirror it is nearly a full smile and so i can't help thinking that it could be perfected by a corner mouth lift or something.

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Correcting minor facial paralysis

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First, congratulations on your near total recovery!

In minor cases, facial paralysis surgery improves the static position of the brow, lower eyelid, mouth, but does not restore function fully.

Most patients with a minor degree of nerve dysfunction do find that they have a near normal appearance after reconstruction, but still need to modify their animation with biofeedback and occasionally Botox and still do have deficits in the area of their paralysis.

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Botox and paralysis

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Without seeing you in person to assess your specific facial palsy, it's very difficult to answer your question. I would suggest visiting a well-trained and reputable provider in your area for a thorough review of your history and to determine what may be helpful to correct some asymmetry.

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