What should I do about my 3 crooked teeth, and the chips? (photos)

2 canines on the left are crooked but not chipped, top right canine is chipped and not crooked, so is the bottom right one but its a bit crooked can the dentist fix the chips so they look like my left canines and should i fix the 3 crooked teeth with veneers? Is dental bonding the cheapest way to fix the chips? I really want them to look like my left canines because not many people's point down like that i think it's unique im scared they'll change it.

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A canine should be pointy, but maybe not as pointy as yours. If it is something you like, you may just let know your dentist and he'd have to respect that, its your smile. But observe how your other canine is pointy as well, just in a more harmonic and proportional way, that blends in with the rest of your smile. I would suggest braces for the misaligned teeth, and dental bonding of composite resin for the chipped parts would be the cheapest way to solve them. You might also consider a teeth whitening. 

Dr. Galvá

Dominican Republic Dentist

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