What other options for three teeth crowned together?

years ago when they were first done was because my back tooth would drift, cause food to pack and infection of my gums. the first of the three broke and looks awful when I smile. I have some bone loss in the back and he said that would help and it did. The middle tooth was good at the time.

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Your have a few options...

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If your own three teeth are present and they were only splinted to stop the drifting of the very back one, it maybe worthwhile to just section the 3-units between the front one and the middle one and restore only the front one with a new crown...

That way the space is still closed AND the front tooth is taken care of!

The other option might just be a repair of the porcelain on the front tooth, Discuss with your dentist if a porcelain veneer over the crown or a temporary resin restoration...

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