Vaginal rejuvenation/ tightening only 3 layers deep?

Hi, after 3 children I decided to have vaginal tightening. I find surgeon. Everything went well, my surgeon told me he did tighten my vagina 3 layers deep and I will love the result.after healing we are back to having sex but I can feel that only part of my vagina is tight.After my further research I find out there is 5 layers? So he didn't do the whole vaginal canal? I am a bit confused.he didn't say there is opption of having it tightened all the way to cervix.Can I have another surgery?

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Vaginoplasty is not one-size-fits-all

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There are multiple layers in the vaginal walls. Women with laxity don't necessarily have all of these layers broken. A proper repair usually requires fixing only the damaged tissues regardless of the number of layers that exist anatomically. Having the vagina tightened all the way to the cervix only makes sense if the vagina was damaged all the way to the cervix. If you feel that only part of the vagina is tight, you need a pelvic examination to determine what exactly isn't tight.

Three vs five layers

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The number of layers sutured really depends on your anatomy and how the physician does the procedure. Many incorporate two layers together as one and this will result in an excellent repair; i.e. you don't have to suture 5 separate layers to get a good result. The length of the suture line does not always go all the way up to the cervix; the muscles that tighten the vagina don't always go that high. If you feel only part of your vagina is tight, you should discuss this with your surgeon to see if more should be done. There are also noninvasive procedures such as the ThermiVa that can tighten the vagina with radiofrequency energy. You should consider these options too.

Vaginal rejuvenation/ tightening only 3 layers deep?

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The term vagina itself means a semi closed space and is located technically after the opening of the vagina (past the hymnal ring and labia minora) and leads up to the cervix.

A Gynecologist or any other surgeon who performs vaginal surgeries possesses the capability of only being able to tighten the opening of vagina. They can also provide lift to the bladder and/or remove some of the posterior vaginal wall tissue, which will then cause a shortened vaginal canal. Plus, it's an invasive surgery, with down time and time needed to heal. The 5 layers in which you are referring to is from the opening of the vagina (aka as the Fourchette) which leads straight down to the rectal area.

I think the area that you are concerned about is your lateral vagina wall, unfortunately there is no actual surgical procedure to correct this area as there are no layers to close. There is the vaginal wall mucosa, a thin layer of muscle which has been quite possibly stretched due to delivery of your 3 beautiful children, presence of fatty tissue (normal), blood vessels and a scaffold called areolar connective tissue.

Although, there is not a surgical option to improve your area of concern, there is an option. There is a non-surgical, non-invasive procedure through laser and PRP application that will bring back your sensualness, restores elasticity, and decreases pelvic pressure and discomfort. Seek out a Gynecologist who is able to perform the Femilift (a Co2 laser) and PRP (aka Platelet Rich Plasma ) for you together. It's an incredible non-surgical, non-invasive procedure yielding amazing results!

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The vaginal canal has different layers and sometimes the terminology used differs from doctor to doctor.  It may be that one doctor describes one layer that another describes as one. More importantly a board certified Plastic Surgeon or Gynecologist will address those layers that require tightening which invariably include at a minimum mucosa reduction and muscle tightening. See link for more information.

Vaginoplasty: for tightening

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#Vaginoplasty: for tightening
I'm not sure what you mean by these layers but the main muscle is just near the entrance and this is what creates the sensation.  The mucosa can be tightened to the cervix but generally will not create much sensation
Non surgical treatment with #thermiva or #monalisatouch can help

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Post Vaginoplasty

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Thank you for sharing your thoughts and concerns. I'm glad that you had a successful surgery although it wasn't as tight or as deep as you would've preferred. I'm not sure what the five layer versus three layer exactly means. However there are some great nonsurgical modalities that may help to tighten the deep part of your vagina without having to undergo further surgery. I would look into the Femilift or ThermiVa or Mona Lisa as a viable option in order to avoid further surgery and still getting the benefits of vaginal tightening

Best of luck

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