What is the maximum amount of intraline 2 filler recommended per zygomatic arch for heavily scarred skin? (Photo)

I was badly scarred to sub cutaneous and muscle depth at 18 years old. Now 32 I've had 11 mils intraline 2 in cheeks. 5.5 each roughly. What is the maximum suggested before complications? I still feel I need another 3 each side.

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Maximum amout of intraline

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Thank you for sharing your question.  Though not available in the US, intraline is a hyaluronic acid dermal filler and like those found in the US there is no absolute maximum of filler that can be placed as dosing is based on your desired goal appearance.  Talk to your injector about your concerns and desired outcome, they can recommend an amount of filler that would be needed.  Hope this helps.

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Maximium Amount of Filler in the Zygomatic Arch

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Hi and thank you for sharing your question! Intraline is not FDA-approved in the US and cannot be recommended. Regardless and based on your picture, I will recommend around 1 syringe of a filler such as Voluma in each cheek to start. Even if my the patient insist on doing more, I would recommend waiting for two weeks for the first injection to fully settle and based on the results and a new assessment, I proceed with more injections if needed. I hope it helps and good luck!

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Maximum amount of filler

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This filler, Intraline, isn't approved for us in the U.S. but with that being said, no filler has a "maximum" allowed. It depends on your face and desired result. Often when doing multiple syringes it is best to do them in increments, as the filler actually lasts longer this way and builds upon itself. Remember that whatever you do decide to do, these fillers will be something that you need to maintain (if you want those looks to continue) so you also should weigh out cost in this too. 

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Maximum Amount of Filler

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While Intraline isn't FDA approved here in the states, there is no maximum limit to the amount of filler that you can use. It's really going to come down to aesthetics. Hope this helps and best of luck.

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