Do I have a crooked tip or just uneven swelling after rhinoplasty?

Im 4 weeks post op (Open Rhinoplasty). Tip of my nose from the front looks crooked and I don't know if thats because of uneven swelling? You can see in my pic the left side above my nostril appears much bigger than right and it feels rock solid where as the right looks softer in appearance but has a dent on it. I had a hump removal and I am pleased with the side view. I never had a crooked nose to begin with so now this is odd on my face, will this go away or will I need a revision Rhinoplasty?

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Do I have a crooked tip

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Thank you for your question.At 4 weeks post op, you still have a significant amount of swelling. You need to give it time, and the swelling will reduce with the passage of time.

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