Any suggestions for uneven eyes? (photos)

I was born with uneven eyes, one is very small and the other is huge! I was bullied so much and have become extremely depressed because of it, I've tried every single makeup trick in the bag and while they are good for a few months, I'm struggling to even make them appear the same size. my eyes are very very very noticeable and I'm so scared to leave my house and it takes me like 3 hours to get ready to where I THINK my eyes are the same when they probably are not.

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The photos are of very poor quality.

However, it appears that you have bilateral upper eyelid ptosis.  This is correctable with ptosis surgery.  However you need more than routine reconstructive surgery.  Your work needs to be done aesthetically and you have to shop carefully for a surgeon.  The other concern I have for you is that you are house bound.  This suggests that you may have either body dysmorphic disorder or some other psychological issue associated with your appearance.  I think you will also benefit from working with a psychiatrist regarding your feeling about your feeling related to appearance.  There is help for you but you must reach out for it.  You are on the right track.

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Uneven eyes

Our whole face forms from two different halves. If you know someone who has a cleft lip or palate, that is a reminder of that process. It is very unusual to find someone with perfect symmetry. Your pictures are verydifficult to see the eye itself. It does look like the muscle that opens the eye may be weak. I would suggest seeing an oculoplastic surgeon for an evaluation.

Brian Maloney, MD, FACS
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Uneven eyes

From your photos you may need a little browlift on one side but your eyes are really not that bad.Maybe some counseling would help you adjust easier too.

Robert Brueck, MD
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Uneven eyes

Bullies are usually insecure about themselves - so it's not worth giving them your time worrying! You have beautiful features - you could do nothing, but if you are struggling, seek an evaluation by an Oculoplastic surgeon and learn about your options.  This is just one opinion among many - a modest direct lateral brow lift - more on the right than the left - would open up the eyes and the smaller side would look more symmetric. The brows have a downward slant, and this makes the eyes have a "sad" appearance. I believe that blepharoplasty would allow the lateral brows to dip down even more - so I personally would not go that route. A little filler over the maxilla on the small side would enhance the cheekbone. Having these small office procedures will restore enough symmetry to give you more confidence about your appearance. You could still use your makeup tricks, and you would have more space between the brow and lid creases to use your eye makeup. Be sure of what you want to do - don't rush into procedures if you have any doubts - and remember that you don't need a major overhaul! You are young and more attractive than you think!

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It is very hard to see your concerns with the pictures you posted.  Could you send clearer photos, a little closer up?  Also could you show your eyes open and closed to see how your upper eyelid functions?  It may be that a simple blepharoplasty procedure could help you.  Best wishes, Dr. T

John Michael Thomassen, MD
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